Legit Case of the Mondays

Everyone and their cousin has it today.  I woke up with it, my daughter woke up with it.  I walked into work and got asked if I ever felt that way, and I was like uh yes, today!

While walking down to the cafeteria this morning, through the hallways, I pass several meeting rooms.  How I miss being able to give input to my job and my department.  My job, I just show up, do it to the best of my ability, and go home.  No matter if I find a way that’s better or see someone doing it in a shitty manner(but still could that be correct?), it goes no where and has no meaning.  Kinda depressing.

Mindful Chill App “Notice that the Earth is right underneath you.”

I’ve had an interview or two elsewhere.  Closer to home.  It went well.  It’s a casual position in Maple Grove.  My co workers wrote me killer references, so I hope it I get it.  Fingers crossed.  I’ll find out by the end of the week.

I’m finding it so hard to be mindful.  I get so lost in my thoughts and in my head in general.  I wish I could find some place that teaches a refresher course in mindfulness.