Can I Just Hate Everyone for the Day?

One of my biggest pet peeves is when you’re walking past someone and you both make eye contact, you smile, and the other person just keeps on walking.  If I don’t want to fake a smile, or fake my polite voice, I look down and have nothing to do with you.  It’s not personal, but at least I’m not shunning you in your open eyes, in your face.

Trust me, I can understand if you’re having a shitty day more than the average person, but look long and hard away before you even pass me.  Especially people you talk to almost everyday or people you know their name.

It’s tough working in healthcare being the little “registration” person.  Yes, I do not affect the healthcare of the patient, but I am somewhat, a part of your team.  I work along side of you.  I see you.  I know your name.  We even talk.  Some of the doctors have more manners than you nurses.

“Hi, how’re you!” End rant.